• Bopp Thermal Lamination Film

    1) Environmental friendly: non-hazardous to health and safe to use as no toxic gases or volatile content is emitted. Safe in laminating process as no solvent based adhesive is used
    2) High function: compared with other solvent lamination, our film is better in clarity and bonding. It’s preventing lamination from being pressed, bubbled and shredding off easily. Matt thermal lamination film is good for spot UV and hot stamping
    3) Easy handling: it is easy to operate once the required temperature is met and no special technique is required
    4) Efficient and energy-saving: Production is reduced substantially as there is no film wastage, mixture of adhesive solvent, and no UV heating lamp is required.
    5) Adaptable to different kinds of machines: This is recommended to be used in dry laminator. Small adjustments need to be made to the machine if the film is used in wet laminator
    6) Strong ability of absorbing power: unlike solvent adhesive, our film is suitable for lamination even with powdery paper
    Process parameter:
    Equipment for laminating film: dry and wet laminating film machine
    Temperature: normal: 85-100°C;
    special: 100-110°C
    Roller pressure: 8-15MPa
    Speed: 8-50m/min
    Remarks: special laminations are those with thicker ink, solid color, high moisture content and bigger size paper
  • PET Thermal Lamination Films

    Characteristic:high clarity, wearable on surface,durability good bonding.
    Thickness: 22~250μm
    Paper core:25.4mm, 76mm
    Applications:top-grade presswork , outdoor advertisement, non-drying adhesive, tags, electric cable, electronic products.
  • 1 Inch Core Thermal Lamination Film

    Applied for less presswork and other paper laminating, small printing factory, express printing shop, advertising and other companies which aren’t belong to the printing
    line such as photograph bar, enterprises, factory, school etc.
    Items: BOPP Gloss / Matt thermal lamination film, PET thermal lamination film.
    Characteristic: convenient, flexible and fastest. Thickness:25~100μm
    Paper core:1 inch(25.4mm)
  • PET Metalized Thermal Lamination Film

    This product has the same effect as the aluminum paper when it
    laminates on papers. It is used to laminate on the daily consumable
    packing box, such as the box of grocery, medicine ,wine, etc.
    thickness :25μm