Zhejiang Dingxin New Material Co., Ltd. is located in building 11, zone 6, Gaoxi Industrial Park, Bihu Town, Liandu District, Lishui City, Zhejiang Province. The CompanyThermal Lamination Filmthe introduction of foreign advanced production equipment and technology, to hire foreign experts to guide the production and has a number of highly qualified technicians and managers, so that our business has been among the leading ranks of the industry, professional development, production and sale of theThermal Lamination Filmkinds of packaging materials such as composites, which is a new environmentally-friendly materials, this product non-toxic, tasteless ,excellent performance, easy to operate and 
so on.
Adapted to food packaging, wine, books, trademarks, handbags, cosmetics, attractive packaging, such as wedding photos. Share of our products both at home and abroad has increased steadily.At the same time export all over the world one after another (such as Russia, the Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia and South America and other 30 countries).
  We have been working to build the competitiveness of enterprises and to adhere to customer-centric, providing customers with high-quality pre-sales and after-sales service, delivery time, timely feedback.